Top 5 Games That Moved from Game Machine to Virtual Reality


The gaming world has seen its fair share of technological evolution. From playing cards to board games, to video games and now virtual reality games, and it seems that the future of gaming is here. Video games merely offer a player the chance to experience the thrills of gameplay vicariously through an avatar. Pushing the limits, game developers went a step further to create a simulation of a realistic gaming interface.

Virtual reality gaming allows the player to experience a simulated three-dimensional game scenario which is also interactive. In Virtual Reality (VR), one gets to perceive the game a lot more and is involved in the game not just by playing it but by living it.

Virtual Reality games come with their own gizmos as well. Typically, to enjoy this technology, a player has to have an essential VR headset that is worn over the eyes. The VR headset projects life-like images, and with the combination of audio output, simulate the player’s physical presence in a virtual environment. To get the full Virtual Reality experience, the player can procure bio-sensing equipment that helps in detecting a player’s presence in a game. Bio-sensing equipment can be in the form of data gloves with sensors attached to it or a full body suit. Both the latter and former employ haptic systems to transmit vibrations and movements to and from the body for a more immersive experience.

VR technology has been so revolutionary that it has seen many console games make the shift to VR. This said, there have not been as many VR games developed yet. However, the ones that have been completed are utterly sensational. Here is a list of 5 of the best.

  1. Virtual Reality Casino

Casinos have always been a thrilling way to pass time and make some money while at it with little to no hustle. Virtual Reality casino is now here and even more immersive, interactive, and all this in the comfort of your preferred location.

Virtual Reality Casino offers a realistic gambling experience with high roofs, brazen lights, showgirls, teeming tables, you name it. You can visit Vegas-style casinos and engage in your favorite table game to enjoy a round blackjack, roulette, poker, or baccarat. Those looking for VR slot machine games to play, VR Casino is one of the best ways to go.

  1. The Climb

Originally on X-box, the Climb is a game whose ultimate goal is to make the player overcome their fear of heights. While the thrill of climbing to the peak of a mountain is with an X-box controller is satisfying, it does not compare to the real three-dimensional experience that is offered on its VR version.

For a full experience on The Climb, the player requires a haptic system set of controllers. However, it is strongly recommended for the player have the Oculus Touch or HTC Vive controllers.

This game offers a variety of real landscapes across America, Asia, and Europe. It also has a training mode that can be used to develop the player’s rock climbing skills before taking the Tourists mode and further progressing to the Bouldering mode.

The Climb is a spine-tingling experience for lovers of rock climbing. It is unique yet still adventurous as it is thrilling warranting its appearance on this list.


  1. Minecraft VR

Minecraft has successfully graced all gaming platforms, selling a whopping 106 million copies in just six short years after its development. Minecraft’s developer, Majong, has now brought the game to Oculus Rift, a VR company, with the help of Doom developer, John Carmack.

Minecraft VR features all the aspects of its cross-platform counterparts but with an added kick of virtual reality. On the VR platform, a player is now able to come face to face with an angry mob, experience the vast voxel landscapes of Minecraft in 3D and construct structures using their own hands. Minecraft’s move to VR comes with a significant promise for a fuller and more immersive gameplay, which has been fulfilled with the incorporation VR.

  1. Star Wars Battlefront VR

This masterpiece from Electronic Arts has now gone VR. Battlefront was released in 2017 amidst protests from gamers that the game contained many in-game purchases. Initial sales were affected by the protests, but after the intervention of Electronic Arts, the popular game was back on track again with a new VR release.

The VR version of Battlefront sadly, only features one mission that puts the player in an X-wing as an amateur pilot. That aside, the VR version is free. Players get to enjoy unlimited hours without any charge whatsoever. Not bad at all. However, it is still unclear whether Electronic Arts will produce a full VR version of the game.

  1. Need for Speed: No Limit VR

Need for Speed (NFS) is arguably the most iconic racing game in its ranks. After prolonged success in console gaming, NFS now explores the lucrative VR technology and has brought to us NFS: No Limits VR.

In the game, players can take part in a real-life street race with powerful sports cars, which has been termed by most as an enthralling experience. In VR mode, you can see your hands and the wheel and can peek outside your window to see a competitor zoom past you. You can adjust your mirrors and accelerate into the color-splashed streets of Hong Kong.

NFS: No Limits, marks the close of the top 5 machine games that moved to VR list. It is not to say that this marks the end of good VR games, but for now, these are 5 of the best. VR technology takes brilliant ideas and makes them even better.


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