Intel And Its 28 Core Beast At Computex ’18

Computex has kicked off, and it look like Intel are pushing back on top with the introduction of their monstrous 28-core processor. It was a huge surprise when Intel decided to demo it while on stage, which is unbelievable.

Not much is known about the chip so far, but what has been announced is that it’s going to have a clock speed up to 5GHz which trumps all over the i9-7980XE which is said to be on the way later this year. The new Intel 28 core chip is likely to become the world’s most powerful single socket chip. The core i9-7980XE has 18 cores to put it into comparison.

This new processor is coming due to the fact that AMD have been upping the number of cores on their processors, especially the top of the line Rizens. Intel have also increased their i3 processors to four cores while the i5 and i7 offerings are now running at six cores.

Intel showcased a Cinebench demo in which they achieved a 7,334 multithreaded score, and I must say, they were right in saying the processor absolutely zipped through the rendering of a Cinebench benchmark. Content creators are going to be all over this one for sure.

There’s no knowledge of when this monster will come to the public market, but hopefully, it will be by the end of the year. Intel’s words. The price, don’t ask. It won’t be cheap to say the least and will probably need some kind of house remortgaging to get one. I’m joking of course, but it’s not going to be cheaper than a few thousand pound that’s for sure.

AMD, the ball’s in your court now. Whatcha going to do? You were killing it with your Rizen offering. Threadripper 2 anyone?

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