Tonik, a renewable energy company have teamed up with Powervault to carry out Smart Battery trials over the United Kingdom.

This type of energy storage isn’t new however, as solar panel consumers already have these types of systems in place. They are already making savings of up to 35% on their energy bills. Tonik and Powervault are hoping to bring this method to everyone in the UK, as there are only 900,000 homes in the UK with solar panels.

Essentially, if you have solar panels and you’re an owner of a Smart Battery, then you can buy electricity when it is cheap, say, through the night, store it until the day time and then use it to power your home, avoiding peak tariff times.

Tonik are already testing this form of energy storage on people who buy electricity to run family homes. They’re also working towards creating some kind of smart tariff and are hoping that by 2022 they can cut people’s energy bills by up to 50%.

Chris Russell of Tonik Energy says, ‘The current election debate is telling us that the majority of customers are heavily dependent on buying their energy from the grid at expensive prices from the big suppliers. Tonik’s new solar and battery proposition is the first step towards energy independence. Customers can save up to 30% on their electricity bills from their battery by storing free energy from their solar panels or cheap energy bought overnight. We’re also trialling new ways of trading customers’ energy with the grid to further reduce their bills. Our customers lead busy and complex lives – so the most important thing is to make sure that being a Tonik customer isn’t just cheaper but easier too.’

Vicki and Will from Leamington Spa are currently testing the battery unit, and say, ‘With the Powervault we are able to be store the solar energy we generate, which is then used by our household later on in the day when our energy needs may be greater.

‘It makes financial and environmental sense and it is easy to see how it is performing (whether it is currently discharging electricity, or storing it up, and how full the batteries are). Powervault also provides an online portal where we can see a summary of day-by-day performance, and how much energy we have saved. As summer comes we are starting to see the Powervault batteries save us up to 4kw of energy per day, which is rewarding.’


If you would like some more information on the Tonik/Powervault energy plans, here’s their MD Chris Russell to explain the sustainable sell.

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