CM4 QCard Samsung S8 Case Review
The Good
  • Will protect your case from drops
  • Can hold several cards and even some cash
The Bad
  • Case gets a little bulky if overfilled
4.1Overall Score

There are many wallet style phone cases on the market right now, yet only a small handful really standout. CM4, who build a range of cases for multiple handsets have now released their QCard skin for the Samsung S8. The brand, who I’ve seen before focus on iPhone handsets have branched out into the world of Android, and has brought some style to the world of mobiles.

The CM4 QCard skin snaps onto the back of your Samsung S8 with ease, and hugs it tightly, offering some premium protection, especially to the corners of the device. It’s mostly covered in a soft rubber making it grip to your hand when it needs to, as well as easy sliding into your pocket.

The power and volume buttons are covered with a soft plastic which can be easily pressed, while there are physical cutouts for the headphone jack, speaker and microUSB port. The screen however is open, which will require to have some kind of screen protector over it to protect it from scratches, but these are personal preference.

Where this card differs is that it’s able to hold several debit or credit cards at once. We managed to get three of them inside the case, as well as a couple of folded up notes. This will however add quite a substantial thickness to the case, which again, comes down to personal preference. This doesn’t however affect the way you can hold your case.

It’s a nice idea, replacing your wallet for a phone case. Although I don’t see it replacing people’s wallets, but it’s a start. It’s easier using this than scrabbling round to your rear pocket if you need to quickly pay for your pack of gum on a contactless card reader. To find out more, you can visit the CM4 website.

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