Oodle Finance and Carsnip Make Buying Cars Easier

If you’ve ever been in the market for a new car, you will know the trials and tribulations, and even hoops you need to jump through before receiving those shiny new keys in your hand.

But now, thanks to a new partnership between Oodle  Finance and Carsnip, buying a car on selected finance packages has become a seamless transaction.

Car dealerships use Carsnip Services to advertise their cars, think of Carsnip as the Google equivalent of car searches. Now, with this new partnership, Carsnip users can include a button on their cars which will link potential customers to Oodle Finance, giving them the opportunity to pay for  their brand new cars with various finance packages, all in real time.

A used car customer finds a car on Carsnip. Once decided on a car, the customer can click on the Oodle Finance button and choose a finance package to purchase the new car on. Oodle will then send that information to the car dealership where the used car is held, decreasing time spend on a forecourt searching for a new car, or waiting in an office for a finance package to be accepted of refused.

Jonathan Clayton, Oodle’s chief executive, said: “Both Oodle and Carsnip believe technology can bring car buyers and car dealers closer together for a more seamless and effective experience. Our research has shown that buyers and sellers share the same frustrations. Precious time is being wasted on what is currently a long process. This exciting partnership was the logical next step in our collective desire to optimise this process and make life easier for car dealers and borrowers.”

Alastair Campbell, CEO of Carsnip, said: “For too long car dealers have had their finance commission taken by online finance companies. This new partnership promises to deliver a much simpler way to finance a car by linking search with finance, while protecting dealers finance commission.”