The Tinder 10 Commandments

It’s not all Fifty Shades when it comes to finding love – there are some general rules to follow, according to the newly released Tinder Commandments.

As more and more look for love on their mobile, it seems some need reminding the art of romance is not entirely dead yet.

With 50 million people now using Tinder to find love, it seems apt that perhaps some need reminding how to do it properly.

Like keeping your body under cover until really necessary and don’t act too cold when it comes to what used to be called courting.

With the help of tried-and-tested ‘Tinderers’, Insurance2go has put together the ultimate guide to mobile dating: The Tinder Commandments – taking the pet hates of both sexes to establish ten cardinal rules for Tinder dating designed to turn hopeless romantics into mobile dating pros.

Although the guide applies to both genders, statistics show that men have the most trouble when it comes to online dating – being a third less likely to receive a match than their female counterparts.

Company boss Duncan Spencer, said: “We are committed to all things tech, so the increase of mobile dating comes as no surprise to us.

“Smart phones and social media have made connecting with new people faster and easier than ever before, however the art of dating doesn’t seem to have transitioned quite so smoothly which is why we’ve put together this indispensable guide to help singles.”

The Tinder Commandments:

  1. Thou Shalt Not Leave Thy Bio Empty

Sure, a bit of mystery is attractive – but a potential match won’t swipe right if your bio section’s a black hole. There’s no need to write a novel: steer clear of clichés, mention where you’re from and a couple of your biggest passions in life

  1. Thou Shalt Grin It To Win It

A 2014 survey found that a nice smile was the most attractive feature of a Tinder profile for six in ten users. That still leaves you with plenty of options – happy and goofy? Wry and knowing? Soulful with just a hint of wounded, yet wiser for your experiences?

  1. Thou Shalt Rock A Tight Selfie

The same survey found that group photos are the biggest turn-off, and it’s not hard to understand why. It might be tempting to turn up the contrast by posing with some less attractive friends – but how will your match know which one’s you?

  1. Lads, Thou Shalt Keep Thy Abs Under Thy Shirt Where They Belong

Lads, your six-pack of steel might be hard-won from gruelling months in the gym, but flashing it in your profile picture can come off creepy. And ladies, let your personality do the talking, not your cleavage.

  1. Thou Shalt Be Honest

…at least about anything easily verified. Lying about your age, height or number of teeth is going to get pretty awkward when you meet for the first time. Little white lies are a judgement call – but remember they’ll find out the truth sooner or later…

  1. Thou Shalt Milk The Cuteness Of Thy Pets For All They’re Worth

A photo of you cuddling a dog or cat (not necessarily your own) is likely to earn you big “aww!” points and makes a great conversation-starter. Snakes, rats and tarantulas maybe less so.

  1. Thou Shalt Be Original

If you’ve found a match, take a bit of time to read their profile and come up with an opener that relates to something you have in common. A copy-pasted pickup line will drive them away faster than you can say “swipe left”.

  1. Thou Shalt Play It Cool Like An Icicle

Tinder might have a reputation as a hookup site, but that doesn’t mean leaving your manners behind. Don’t steam in with romantic (or downright suggestive) overtones: just making conversation is enough to show you’re interested.

  1. Thou Shalt Take The Advice Of The Opposite Sex

If you’re still not sure whether your profile’s a cast-iron swipe right, why not ask a friend to look it over for you? The practiced eye of the opposite sex might be able to tell where you’re going wrong – or recommend your most irresistible picture.

  1. If Thou Art Knocked Down, Thou Shalt Get Up Again

Rejection’s just as much a fact of life on Tinder as anywhere else. It sucks to get knocked back, but if it happens, chalk it up to experience and keep trying. The love of your life could be only a swipe away.

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