So what can I say about the new zombie story Dying Light? It’s beautiful, it’s full of zombies, and there’s free-running. What more do you want from a game? Dying Light is a new take on what I would call the classic zombie games such as Resident Evil.

Dying Light gets the ball rolling pretty quickly when your character Kyle Crane is airdropped over the fictional city of Harran. From here it’s survival time. You’re greeted by a group of survivors yet your mission is unclear. You have a radio which you need to use every now and then to call in to home base to update them on your findings but apart from that, it’s all guess work which is great.

Character development is steady and conversations that take place are well written and quirky which gives this harsh world some great personality.

Combat can feel a little clumsy at first. It’s down to the stamina bar which determines how much you can swing your weapon. It almost feels like you spend more time in the early game running away from zombies than actually facing them.

When night falls zombies get stronger. Monsters come out of hiding to feed. Your minimap is lit up with line of sight markings so you can stay hidden. True survival style.

The game offers a levelling up system which works well. These can range from more stamina to better blueprints for customising weapons and accessories like medicine.

The free-running element of the game offers a new way to traverse the city. Most areas I’ve come across are easy to reach. Even the taller buildings can be climbed.

Dying Light reminds me a lot of Dead Island. If you have played that you will definitely know what I mean. Mechanics are very similar with Dying Light improving on where Dead Island failed.

Four player co-op is also a great feature. It adds a new perspective to the game.

Dying Light is a superb game. It has a great story, interesting characters, a huge array of weapons and it looks beautiful. If zombies is your thing then Dying Light is definitely a game for you.