Power Tap Charger Review

Stock chargers that ship with mobile phones and tablets we can admit are just plain boring. There is nothing worse than using a plain white rectangular box with a USB port to charge our devices. Introducing the new Power Tap Charger, a product that’s shaped, well you guessed it, like a tap.

The Power Tap Charger works very simply. Twist the nozzle and power will start to flow through it. Plug in a USB device of your  choice and away you go with stylish charging. The light will flick from red to blue so you know when the charger is turned on.

Design wise the tap is great. The USB input is on the bottom of the tap so it faces down towards the ground. There is nothing worse than catching your leg on your charger when you walk past the plug socket. I’ve done it many times with my Samsung charger. No more do I have this problem.

The Power Tap Charger is well built overall and feels very sturdy to use, something I was worried about especially with the nozzle. It’s compatible with any USB charging device as long as you have the cable as cables are not included in the box. It is a stylish product that looks great in any situation. You can pick up you very own Power Tap Charger from gettingpersonal.co.uk.

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