Tile Pro Series Review


You may have heard of Tile before, they produce little electronic ‘key rings’ that help you locate your prized belongings. It’s a very simple design, but really could be a life safer, if you a prone to losing your things! Tile’s latest release is the Pro Series Style & Sport combo pack, which is a stylish pack of two Tile key rings, for him & her you could say!

They arrived in a very small and discrete box, which contains both Tile’s, in a cushioned frame, along with a set of instructions. The Style Tile is finished in gold & white and does look very stylish & glamorous. The Sport on the other hand is a little chunkier, a bit more robust and finished in black & grey. They are both very lightweight and discrete, they wouldn’t look out of place on a phone or bag etc. The front acts as a button, with two small holes at the rear for the speaker.


The Tile can be used in a number of ways and for me, I used one on my phone and one on a set of keys I had. Lost your keys? Go to the Tile app on your smart device, hit ‘find’ and your Tile will start to sound. It’s a high pitched, screeching sort of sound, easy to hear and distinguish. Hear the sound, locate your keys, option one complete. Say you left/dropped your keys somewhere while you were out, the app knows where there last location was and will show you this in a map. You can then go and collect them or if they have moved, as in someone handed them into lost & found say, then with the power of other Tile users, their devices can pick up your Tile and locate it for you. Lastly, if we reverse the roles, you can press the Tile you have on your keys twice, and it will sound your phone for you, that you just lost, even if the phone is in silent mode.

Set up is very easy, just install the app and follow the on screen instructions to activate your Tile. Each Tile has its own internal battery, that doesn’t require any charging and will last a year. Once that year is up and your Tile no longer works, you can replace it for a new one at a discounted rate. Tile works with both iOS & Android, they have a 98dB sound output and are IP68, meaning it will survive under water for 30minutes @ 1.5m. You can even purchase adhesive tape so you can stick a Tile to your remote control!

With this second generation of Tile’s, they have really upped their game on the aesthetic side and I think they have done a great job. The combo pack retails at £45 and the more you purchase, they cheaper they get. Tile is a great solution to an everyday problem!

For more info and to purchase, visit the official Tile website.

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