Fitwell Launches Their New AI Trainer

So if you’re someone who likes to keep a regular fitness schedule, and like to keep track of progress, and even receive hints and tips on how you are performing, then Fitwell is definitely an app you should check out.

Fitwell is basically an all in one fitness pal, as it combines a nutritional coach and fitness coach in one app. If you’re going to want nutritional meal advice to find out which foods are right for your diet, or even some training on particular workouts, or even if you want to target a specific body part, then with Fitwell you can.

But now, Fitwell is going to be launching its innovative new AI feature named Hailee, which will take the place of the personal trainer. It works with Google Assistant, as well as Facebook Messenger and Alexa to send you up to date notifications on your fitness regime.

Set up is pretty much exactly the same as before, entering your height, weight, age and all credentials. But now, Hailee will create a completely custom bespoke to you workout that you can follow. Then Hailee will track your results,  and adapt the workout on the fly for things like missed days or even a shorter than normal workout.

If you have a goal, the new technology will keep you informed on your level of activity in relation to the goal you’re looking to achieve. So if your level of activity is really bad, then Hailee will adjust your workout plan accordingly which will probably push it back further. It’ll also track individual exercises too, as different body areas need different exercises to target.

Finally, Hailee will work as a personal trainer, taking charge of your fitness calendar and scheduling workouts for you. If it rains, then Hailee will let you know and try and reschedule so you’re not caught in a downpour. Like I said. Fitwell will be there for you no matter what, and will ensure to keep you as healthy and fit as possible. For more information, check out the Fitwell website.

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