Terrapin Cases for Sony XZ Premium

It’s very rare that we’re sent anything other than Samsung or iPhone mobile phone cases to review. So it’s a breath of fresh air when something else turns up. A company named  Terrapin got in touch and sent through a couple of their premium cases for the Sony Xperia XZ phone.

So breaking out the cases from their plastic packaging, I was greeted with a lot of foam protection covering each part of the leather exteriors. Both cases that were sent through are booklet like cases which will keep the screen protected while stored away in a pocket and bag. Each case has a magnetic seal, which keeps the door closed when not in use.

What’s nice about them is that they’re made with genuine leather, giving them a luxurious feeling when in your hand. The case with the carbon fibre pattern is a little thinner than the other, but both feel as if they’ll give the phone a decent amount of protection.

To install the phone into the cases is simple. There is a solid rubber housing that you slip your phone into. Buttons and ports are cut out so you’re not restricted in any way. You can still use headphones and chargers while it’s in the case, as there is a cutout for the camera too.

In both cases are cutouts where you can store things like credit or debit cards, or maybe even an Oyster card too. It’s very slim, so won’t hold much. But it does mean that you could leave the house without carrying a wallet like the ‘olden days’.

The only downfall I can think of is that they add a fair bit of size to the already quite large Sony XZ Premium. I know that a bigger thickness is great for protection, but keep that in mind if you’re someone who wears a lot of skinny jeans.

All in all though, these cases feel and look great. Very practical to keep the glass front and back of a Sony XZ Premium fully protected. You can find more information on the Terrapin website, and they’re currently retailing at just under £15, so not a bad price for a decent case either.