It’s A Star Wars Toy From Ubtech, But On Another Level

Leading up to the Star Wars: The Last Jedi, robotics manufacturers Ubtech are releasing a pretty Stormtrooper with a companion app for smart phone users.

The Star Wars robot is a replica First Order stormtrooper that features some augmented reality capabilities. You can play the robot in first or third person, controlling the robot’s movements while coming under attack by approaching enemies.

There are even voice commands too so you can set those up and the robot will understand what you are saying.

If you don’t want intruders to come into your room, then there is also a patrol mode. You can assign a particular area of your room for the robot to patrol, and it will even give you alerts when somebody approaches.

And lastly, all of this goes on behind a closed network, so there is no need to worry about viruses or other threats. Your data too is also completely safe as there is no need to share any kind of personal information with the robot to get it working.

“We are thrilled to launch the Star Wars Stormtrooper Robot by UBTECH,” said James Chow, CEO, UBTECH. “Both Star Wars and UBTECH put a great focus on innovation and family-friendly technology. Together, we are delivering a new and interactive experience for Star Wars fans.” 

The Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot by UBTECH retails for £299.95 and is available for pre-order at Ubtech website and Amazon.


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