So here’s the thing with RAID: World War II; it feels a little bit like Starbreeze are trying to cash in on the rising popularity of World War themed games. Yes, RAID works, and it’s kept me hooked now for a good number of hours, but will it continue to bring enjoyment to the masses with something like Call of Duty: WWII just around the corner?

There’s no point in hiding the fact that RAID: World War II is exactly like PayDay 2. After all, the studio behind its creation basically worked on PayDay 2 as well, and that game was fantastic. Why change the formula right? I’m glad they didn’t, and being able to fight waves of Nazis while stealing various pieces of gold proves for some really entertaining gameplay.

What’s more, is that the weapons on offer all seem pretty authentic too. None of these red dot sights that are going to be cropping up on WWII guns in CoD: WWII. You work towards unlocking things like better recoil handling or better stability when looking down sights.

Being four of you, you each take control of a very stereotypical soldier from Britain, Austria, Russia and the United States. All four were rescued from a Gestapo prison and ask to continue their mission of taking down Adolf Hitler.

From here you’re introduced to your Camp, an underground church basement that’s filled with various different stands that offer you new missions, new guns (if you’ve unlocked them of course) access to multiplayer and the chance to customise your Camp with golden trimmings. As long as you steal enough from the Nazis that is.

The game isn’t all about stealing gold though. There is a mission that requires you to rescue POWs, another that sees you blow up a Nazi compound via a gas leak and one more that sees you blow up AA guns on a moving train. So it’s not all gold bars and glory. However, there aren’t many missions at the moment, and if you play online you’ll tend to find yourself playing the same ones over and over again.

However it doesn’t stop the game from being fun… yet. There are various tasks you can choose to take on. For example, one mission sees you break into a Nazi vault to steal wooden crates of gold bars. The mission requires you to steal six crates, although if you want to stick around to steal the remaining 40 or so in the vault, you can. Be ready to be playing for around 2 -3 hours doing that though. It’s a slow process, but the rewards are huge.

Multiplayer is the only way to play this game, as single player sees your friendly AI comrades hang back right until an alarm is sounded. If two guards are standing together, it’s fun planning ways in to take out both guards simultaneously with your pals. Sounds are also pretty authentic too, and really give some decent nostalgia to older World War II games like Medal Of Honour or the original vanilla CoD. That ping sound that signifies when your M1 Garand clip is in the process of reloading is… ahhh…pure joy to hear. Bombs sound meaty, and MG44 sentry guns are terrifying.

RAID: World War II is Payday 2 set in the 40s. It’s got the same level of teamwork needed to complete missions, customisation is plentiful without becoming too stupid an unrealistic, and the action is somewhat solid. I’m playing through on Normal difficulty mode at the moment and am struggling. I’m not bad with games usually, but there are a lot of Nazis in this that never stop coming. You can get your own copy on the Steam store now.