Filofax eniTAB360 Tablet Stand Review

To get your tablet to stand on its own usually needs some form of elaborate folio case that can fold back onto itself and form some kind of triangle stand. But then the only problem with these is that they can usually only hold one angle. And depending on the angle that you’re watching content, can cause issues with the maximum viewing angles of the tablet screen. Hopefully the new Folofax eniTAB360 can solve this.

Essentially what the Filofax eniTAB360 is, is a stand with an adhesive section so you can stick it to the rear of your tablet. The one we have been sent though  has been designed for tablets no greater than 8.4″.

The stand itself is made from plastic, but still seems durable enough to survive on a tablet for a long while. The adhesive pad is circular and takes up a wider width than the stand itself. The adhesive pad also is on some kind of spinner, enabling you to turn your tablet to a portrait or horizontal position, depending on what you are watching.

The stand also flips out eight up to 140° so it can lay pretty much flat to a surface, right up to the tightest angle. This is great as viewing angles on tablets vary, and it can always match your eye sight dead on, no matter the height of the tablet on your desk.

The whole thing will fit flush to the rear of a tablet, making this nice and slim when storing it inside some kind of sleeve. However, be warned, I’m not sure a snap back case or even a folio case would work with this stand, as it’ll probably take up too much room for a snap case to be able to cling comfortably to your tablet. There is a clip at the back that says it’s for cases, but we’re pretty sure (without seeing) that  this is something that’s compatible with Filofax’s own brand cases.

I will say one thing though. It’s been stated that the Filofax eniTAB360 can be reused. How many times I’m not sure but the pad feels sticky enough to have a solid hold on the original tablet you stick it to, but whether this comes of comfortably enough for it to then stick to another tablet really begs the question.

It’s a practical product overall though, and definitely aids to the problem of being able to stand your tablet at any desired angle you’re after. It’s currently retailing at £14.99 on the Filofax website so it’s not that bad a price. You can find more information there too.

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