Teaser Trailer for the new LG G3

LG have just released a teaser trailer for their new LG G3 smartphone. Unfortunately we only see tiny glimpses of what is to come, but it’s enough to get us excited for the phone’s unveiling in May.

Please take a look at the video. You can see hints of 4K video and 120fps shooting with the slow-motion light bulb smash.

We can also see that the body of the phone is looking very slim with a brushed aluminium finish.

There is a short flash of subwoofers hinting that there will be improved sound over the popular G2.

We believe that LG’s KnockCode will again be featured which requires the correct combination to be tapped on the screen to unlock the phone.

We will be bringing you all the up-to-date information on 27th May, the date the video gives possibly linking to its unveiling. Stay tuned for our review of this hugely anticipated smartphone.

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