Our good friends at Targus have been innovating and expanding on their already sustainable and ethical business practise and products. We were initially impressed last year when running through and trying out their backpacks and bags, which were manufactured from a substantial amount of recycled plastic bottles. They continue to do this but are adapting, like we all are, to live with coronavirus and germs in general.

With that in mind, Targus has produced a UV-C LED disinfection light. In fact, the product was named a CES 2021 Innovation award Honoree, so although we’ve not had a chance to see it in action, someone has and they liked it.

The Targus UV-C LED Disinfection Light incorporates state-of-the-art UV-C LED and automation technology that provides a safe and consistent no-touch ultraviolet solution to help reduce pathogens with UV-C light. Designed to stand on your desktop, the AC-powered light turns on and runs for 5 minutes, every hour, to break down the DNA of microorganisms. Regular use is effective at eliminating harmful pathogenic microorganisms on device surfaces and complements cleaning regimens and hygiene safety measures.

It works when the automated disinfection cycle begins, the light emits a purple ambient hue indicating that it is in use. The UV-C LED is then activated and begins to break down the DNA of microorganisms in the active disinfection area. Safety measures are built into the light including auto shut-off features that utilizes motion sensors. If any motion is detected within the safety zone or directly outside of the active cleaning area, the UV-C LED will be automatically disabled. After five minutes of inactivity, the light will then attempt to resume the disinfection cycle.

UV Light

I have to say, the images of the product look fantastic. Straight lines, brushed metal finish, minimalist in design, it will fit in perfectly with any modern office. The light will clean your workspace, your keyboard, your mouse and some of the surrounding area too. We’re thinking hot desking, shared workspaces, this could work a charm.

Targus also continue to produce an array of new bags and cases, with that same goal to continue to utilise recycled materials but also use antimicrobial materials too. An antimicrobial is an agent that kills microorganisms or stops their growth. Imagine a workspace, filled with antimicrobial products and UV-C lights, it’s going to be as clean as a hospital operating room, which I, and I’m sure many, will welcome moving into 2021.

There are also a number of products supporting the work from anywhere idea. Targus is releasing the Tablet Cradle Workstation to allow businesses and Samsung tablet users to seamlessly transform their Tab Active3 tablet into a desktop experience thanks to the device’s DeX® software. The workstation makes working from anywhere more seamless with a modular approach that allows connection to accessories, a USB-C monitor and ethernet by just sliding the tablet into the workstation. The Tablet Cradle Workstation works with the rugged Field-Ready Tablet Case for Samsung Galaxy® Tab Active3 that, when undocked from the cradle, will protect the Samsung tablet from knocks or falls while on the move. There are also security deterrents built into the workstation and tablet case to give peace of mind against theft. 
Targus is also releasing updated versions of its award-winning docking stations including the DOCK310 and travel dock DOCK423 that will make connecting a laptop to multiple monitors while charging multiple devices simultaneously even easier.