Save the best til last. That’s the sentiment, right? Well at this year’s CES it’s never been more true. MSI has just announced its brand new range of 2021 powerhouses, and they’ve definitely got room to impress across their entire range.

A big focus for MSI this year was their collaboration with RTX graphics cards. Inside the majority of their line-up are RTX 3080 graphics cards powering their laptops. They’ve also announced that they’re using ‘Resizeable Bar Technology’ which enables CPUs to have full access to GPU memory, so no matter what type of workflow you have going on – whether it’s gaming, editing videos or even just browsing multiple tabs on Google Chrome, the MSI laptop will never feel sluggish. Of course, this needs some testing in real life, but it’s a promising concept.

They’ve also gone ahead with future-proofing their laptops with WiFi 6E, a 6GHz connection which supersedes the current 5GHz standard found in most homes. This ensures a faster connection between laptop and router so more information can pass through at a faster rate. MSI has also partnered with Microsoft Azure, to use AI technology to learn from the laptop’s user and optimise their Dragon Centre for more complex tasks.

With all that in mind, let’s go over the different models MSI have added to their 2021 lineup, and it’s probably best to start with their flagship model, the GE76 Raider, which sports the RTX 3080 graphics cards and it’s powered by an Intel i9-10980 processor as its top-level processor. This ensures the new GE76 is always up to scratch when playing the latest video game titles. The GE76 has a 17″ IPS UHD display, while the GE66 has a 15″ IPS UHD display. You can also choose to have up to 64GB RAM too. There are two slots of NVMe SSD storage, per-key RGB lighting on a steel series made keyboard and a 1080p 30fps webcam and a 99Whr battery.

They’ve also redesigned Mystic Light, which is MSI’s proprietary RGB lighting centre, and mentioned how their tech can now tap into the RGB lighting in your home. They gave an example with Nanoleaf panels, so it’s yet to be seen whether this new feature works with RGB lighting from other brands, but it’s exciting that MSI is truly thinking about immersion here.

The laptops are also equipped with a 300Hz display for ultimate smoothness, so expect stutter, screen tearing and ghosting to be kept to a complete minimum on their flagship GE76 and there’s even a new cooling solution with MSI’s Cooler Boost 5, which consists of 6 heat pipes and twp fans, which promises up to 15% better airflow over last generation models. You can also choose a plain design or MSI’s new dragon logo which is based on Tiamet, the famous Babylonian dragon.

The MSI Leopard GP66 and GP76 again come in either a 15″ or 17″ display and do look a lot cleaner and sleeker than the wild GE76 Raider. It’s a lot thinner, a lot more refined, and is the type of laptop that would suit a secret gamer in their boardroom down to a tee. No garish gaming laptops in front of your colleagues type thing. This time around though you’ve got an i7-10870H processor, a 144Hz 1080p IPS display and has an RTX 3070 powering the graphics. RAM hits up to 64GB and you’ve got a 720p webcam this time rather than the 1080p of the GE76.

The GS66 Stealth laptop though I must admit has probably won me over the most out of MSI’s new range. It’s very understated, yet absolutely packs a punch with its specification. It uses an RTX 3080 graphics card and an i9-10980H processor. It’s got a 4K display which is IPS and has 100% AdobeRGB coverage. You’ve got the lesser 720p webcam though which is a bit of a shame, but it still retains the two slots of NVMe storage and up to 64GB RAM memory. It’s sleek, it’s matte black and it’s definitely right up my street when it comes to design.

The Stealth 15M is apparently according to MSI the thinnest gaming laptop now in the world, and I’m slightly inclined to agree with them, as it comes in at 16.15mm thick and 1.7kg in weight, and still managed to pack RTX-30 series graphics inside. It looks absolutely stunning, and still uses Intel’s 11th gen processors clocked up to 5GHz. An absolute discrete powerhouse right there. Top processor to choose from is an Intel i7-11375H processor and an RTX3060 GPU. This time around there’s only one slot of NVMe storage, a 720p webcam and a 15″ 1080p screen that still retains its 144Hx refresh rate. You lose the per-ley lighting on the keyboard, but it’s still RGB compatible, so you get your flashy colours.

The last of MSI’s gaming focussed lineup is the GF65 Thin, which has the same specification as the Stealth 15m, but loses out slightly on its processor as the top processor available is the i7-10750H. But, as it’s thicker than the Stealth 15M you get your extra NVMe storage slot back and it’s also powered by an RTX 3060 too so there’s that. The keyboard here is slightly different too. It’s illuminated in red, and you lose the RGB illumination and the per-key settings, but it still looks very smart. It’s more for those types of people who want a gamery looking laptop, without the need for the flashiness that typical gaming laptops bring. It’s very smart, a matte black finish and would definitely turn heads.

Now, this is where MSI is thinking of all modern Pc avenues, with the announcement of their Creator 15 laptop, which utilises a True Pixel display that hits 100% AdobeRGB coverage and has a 4K resolution. The display itself comes calibrated so colours look as accurate as possible and it’s still utilising the power of an RTX 30 graphics card. It’s a touchscreen too, and MSI even showed off a new stylus that can be used with the Creator 15 series. It retains the 99.9Whr battery so you can continue to create while on the move, and it’s the cleaned design of them all in my opinion, to really give those Apple fanboys a run for their money with their Macbook Pros.

Now, that was a lot of information, so I’m sorry about that. But MSI really did come out guns blazing with their announcements, and I was just too excited not to share them all with you. But, the question is, which laptop is for you? Are you more Stealth? Or do you need that raw power that comes from the Raider? What do you think of the dragon logo design across the back of the Tiamat models? Gave me Mortal Kombat vibes if I’m honest. Literally had the theme tune playing in my head during MSI’s press conference. Anyway, let us know in the comments what you think. For more information, and links to prices once released, you can visit the UK MSI website.