First, there were neon lights for the underside of your car. Now? There’s the Mojipic Car Display, which is essentially a screen, made up of a a few hundred mini LEDs, that you can display out of the window of your car. If you wanted to add some flair to your vehicle, then this is it.

The Mojipic Car Display is insanely bright, which is great if you’re driving around in the day as the daylight will wash it out. But at night? It might be a little bit of a problem. Legally speaking, you’re not going to be able to drive around the UK with this in your car. But other countries? I’m not sure really. Mojipic have given some examples on their website. People can use them to showcase that they’re an Uber or Lyft driver, or if they own a lunch truck, they can put some promotional materials on there when they’ve parked up. If you’re someone who goes to car shows, you could use it there too to draw attention to your car.

So what’s the purpose? It’s pretty much what it says on the tin. The Mojipic hooks up to your phone, and you can display various emojis out of your car window. And looking at the app? There are a huge amount of apps that are categorised into different topics and subjects for you to choose from. If you want to display a COVID message? They’re there. Twitch logo? It’s there. Even down to the style of apps on different handsets, like the Apple emoji collection is there. Want to show people that you support a particular sports team? Then you can with their giant collection of team badges. But… sending emojis to the Mojipic takes FOREVER, especially if they animate. Their advertising material talks about how you can ‘send a love heart emoji to the car behind’. Though by the time the emoji gets sent to the Mojipic, that cutie has already overtaken you for not moving because you’re on your phone and has driven a mile down the road. It takes ages, and it’s not good in that respect. You can also put QR codes so people can scan them and gain information about you or your business.

You’ve also got the chance to make your own emojis too with the in-app designer. And you can be really not picky too, with the chance to change your brush size paint on individual pixels.

Installation is easy too. It has two suction cup pads on brackets at either end of the panel, and it sticks to the window of your vehicle, very much the same as an old-style satnav or a mobile phone holder. There’s a clamp that strengthens the hold and once it’s on the window, it’s not going anywhere.

The Mojipic Car Display is a great product. It is. It’s just a shame that we’ve got such strict road laws here in the UK. I didn’t want to drive around with it on my car out of fear of being pulled over by the police. We can only shine red light out of the rear of our cars, and having a Twitch logo zooming around the panel may not end well. But, for events, or promotions where cars aren’t being driven, or even if you just want to place them around to showcase or highlight something, they’re decent. They’re bright, customisable and are absolutely killed it on Indiegogo. You can check them out for yourself or even purchase one. They cost $99, so not too bad at all. Check them out on the Mojipic website. For a 10% discount, you can use the code TECHNUOVO10. Also, use this unique website link:¬†