I have a Targus Groove X2, it’s my current go to bag and it’s fantastic. In fact, both myself and Stef both took Targus bags with us to CES this year and they held up great against the daily convention grind. Well they’ve sent over another bag to try out, one that’s slightly different and more suited for the daily commute and laptop user. It’s the Cypress 15.6″ Convertible Backpack with EcoSmart and it’s one of 29 in the current Cypress range.

The bag is available in two colours, black or grey and it currently retails for ¬£59.99 inc free shipping. It’s overall dimensions are 32×10.5x48x5cm and it weighs less than 1kg when empty. You’ve probably guessed from the product title but it can hold laptops upto 15.6″ in size.

Before getting into the technicals, Targus are achieving great things by using recylced materials within their products. In fact, there are a total of 24 recycled plastic water bottles in this bag along. That’s a significant amount of bottles for just one bag and they’re using recycled bottles in a number of products. Without knowing the figures, I’d guess they’re using thousands of recycled bottles, so bravo on them. If you’re into your recycled tech, House Of Marley use recycled materials in their products too.


There are four ways of holding this bag, with a single handle like a briefcase, a single shoulder strap in briefcase mode, attach it to your carry on suitcase handle or two straps over your shoulders. One thing I really like, is that if you wanted to to use this like a briefcase, you can detach the shoulder straps and tuck them away within the back lining. It’s a really smart idea and adds to the versitialty of the product. The back of the bag and the shoulder straps are padded.

There are two main compartments to the bag. The first is accessed at the back and is the laptop area. It is just a padded compartment for your laptop and there are no straps for securing said laptop, so if it’s on the smaller size, it will move around.

The second comparemnt is accessed from the front and is alot deeper than the other, allowing you to put many more items in. It’s large enough for another laptop if desired, but I’d say it’s better suited for books, other electronics and if you really needed too, you could get a pair of trousers and a jumper in there. Within this compartment is one large zipped section, to keep something important secure and then a few smaller pockets for pens and/or business cards. There is a second zipped pocket to the very front of the bag, which can hold some documents. It’s worth noting that both compartments only open half way, so you slide your items in, instead of placing.

Overall, the bag is very well crafted, it’s very practical, it looks good and I’m confident it will protect my laptop fairly well. It’s clear this is very much aimed at the businessman and if you’re not keen on the classic leather briefcase look, this is an ideal alternative.

For more info, head over to the official Targus website.