Pokemon Cards are flying off the shelves right now, after the release of the recent Evolutions set, the reprint of the original base set and now the next chapter in the trading card game is fast approaching. You may have seen a while back, the new Pokemon Sun & Moon Nintendo DS games in your local video game store and now, these new Pokemon found in the game, have made their way into the TCG. On the 3rd February 2017, Sun & Moon Pokemon cards will be released!


Over the last few weekends, some shops have been having pre-release events, whereby people can get a glimpse into what this set will offer and it looks to be very promising. This new set brings in a new type of card for the first time, the GX card, which in essence is a new form full art card, which looks to replace previous EX cards. Subtle change in the title, slight change on the card, with a distinct border now around the card and different holo effects.

The set includes 163/149 cards, so yes, there are 14 secret rare cards within the set and also 11 ultra rare cards, most of which being GX cards. There are many of the favourite Pokemon included in the set, such as Lapras, Umbreon, Espeon, Eevee, Dragonite and Caterpie, along with many new Pokemon with names like Grubbin, Torracat and Vikavolt. Secret rares in the set include physic and metal energy cards, and the very very favourable Ultra Ball, which is already demanding around the £100 mark. Pull rates of these secret rares are still unknown, but people predict at least one in a boost box, the 36 pack mega box.

The set is to be released in full on the 3rd February and all your usual toy shops and online retailers should be stocking these. I’ve seen booster packs online for as low as £2.90 and booster boxes priced at around £90.