Roccat Cross Headphones Review

This is a new one for Roccat, who usually stick to their gaming roots. The Roccat Cross is exactly what it says in the name. It is a cross-platform, use for all types of media headset. Whether it’s listening to your music on your phone or jacked in to your PC to play a few rounds of Battlefield 1, the headphones have been designed for ease of use in your switching.

The headset itself is very light, which doesn’t feel great in terms of giving off a premium feel. However, they look great, in any situation. The earpads are unfortunately a little thin, with not too much padding, but saying that, they don’t hurt, and fit comfortably on the head. For people with larger ears though, they may not be great, as they’ve been designed to fit over the ears.

The top is covered in a leather material with the Roccat logo embossed. Each ear cup sports branding too. The right highlights the Roccat logo while the left has it written. The padding which sits on your crown feels soft, and leaves the internal metal band unnoticed. I wore these for a few hours at a time and didn’t really have any complaints other than the usual sweaty ears which pretty much all overear headphones give you.

The microphone comes in two flavours. The first is a boom microphone for when you’re using the headset on a PC during gameplay or general music listening while browsing the web. The second comes in the form of an in-line remote for mobile use for taking calls. Each has an auxiliary jack on there to plug into the left earcup. They’re easy to swap out and detect each microphone automatically. There is more than enough cable for the PC connection to run down the back of your desk, so don’t worry about that. Only thing missing is in-line volume on the PC microphone.

The audio experience is absolutely fantastic, and definitely trumps all over competitor models at this price bracket. The 50mm neodymium drivers handles all types of frequencies thrown at it. Highs are as crisp as a British winter morning while mids and lows are definitely present. I’ve used these on both a commute as well as playing some games like Battlefield 1 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive and I have no complaints here. You’ll know when a bomb goes off next to you… WOW!

The let down here is the voice quality when using the microphones. It is nowhere near the quality of using a USB condenser microphone, but it still doesn’t really tackle the likes of more dedicated gaming headsets like the Roccat Renga either. The voice quality sounds a little raspy, and background noise is definitely a problem if you are in a busy environment, like for hands-free calls in the street or something similar.

But saying this, the Roccat Cross is indeed one of the best gaming headsets on the market at this price point. The audio quality is absolutely amazing, for music as well as gameplay.  However, its rival such as the HyperX Cloud II offer a much more comfortable experience for overear headsets. You can find more information on the Roccat Cross on their website.