STM Judge 15″ Laptop Brief Review

How many of you remember watching your Dad leave the house, suited and booted, carrying his hard covered briefcase? I do. Now, 25 years later and leaving for the office myself, I’m finding myself carrying messenger style bags like the STM Judge. How fashion has changed. Even Googling the word briefcase throws back modern day leather messenger bags. No traditional hard case types in sight.

But oh well, enough of the past. Let’s talk about the present, and what STM have done with their new 15″ Brief, as they’re calling it now. I suppose it’s not quite a briefcase, but it still has those features the briefcase once had. Like for example there’s a carrying handle on top. You do have the option to use a shoulder strap, turning it into more of a manbag. The strap is included and it hooks onto either end of the bag for easier transport.

The actualy bag gives off quite a premium build quality. The STM website states it’s made from 100% polyester, and comes in at H 40.5 x W 31 x D 10 cm. There is enough space inside to carry a full size 15″ laptop, and I’m not speaking about your skinny Macbooks. There’s enough space for a gaming laptop. There are also a decent amount of pockets to separate your stuff out around the bag. The whole bag has a storage capacity of 14L.

What’s nice is STM’s Slingtech protection for the laptop, which is a little bit of elastic inside the laptop pouch to give it an added layer of protection. There’s an image below which compared a traditional laptop pouch compared to STM’s setup. The laptop pouch can be found in the main compartment.

The main compartment is probably where you’re going to be storing most of your larger items. It’s definitely big enough to store your laptop, as well as a couple of folders, or even your laptop charger among other items. The front pouch, which is a little smaller, is perfect for other accessories. There’s even a sunglasses pouch in the front which is lined in a fleece material. There are two pockets inside the front too, again to separate delicate belongings.

The strangest thing that I haven’t ever seen in a bag is the attached pencil case inside the main compartment. It’s big enough to hold multiple stationary items, and as it’s connected, it’s not going anywhere. Never lose your pencil case again. There is a clip though if you really do want to detach it from the bag.

The only downfall with this bag is the fact that there is nowhere to be able to connect to your pull along luggage. I think sticking two straps on the rear of the bag wouldn’t have been much of a problem, as there is material already draping down there anyway. But that’s subjective. Depends if you travel for work I suppose.

The STM Judge 15″ laptop Brief is a quality product, and one that would also suit as some kind of fashion accessory as well as a practical sized bag. It currently costs £64.95 on Amazon. It is available in four colours. You can find all the information on the STM website.