Gear4 Oxford Case For Samsung S8+ Review

TechNuovo are no strangers to Gear 4 and the wonderful cases the manufacture. We’ve looked at cases for previous model handsets in the past and have liked them very much. This time, I have a Gear 4 Oxford sitting in front of me, and am fully expected to be impressed again.

The Oxford comes in Gear 4’s usual packaging – mainly white with an orange trim – and sports all the usual features from previous models. Most notably, the D3O® protection. Slide  the bottom of the case away from the sleeve and you’re greeted with an all black folio case.

The whole case is covered in what Gear 4 are calling D3O®. It’s there to give your Samsung S8+ the utmost protection. They’re claiming it has a drop test of 9ft, which is a way above the average height of a human. So quite high. The main protection for this handset are from its rubberised corners, reducing the amount of impact pressure the phone could sustain when dropped.

As this is a folio case, the Gear 4 Oxford opens like a book. This means that the screen has a layer of protection too when the case is closed. The door is sealed with a magnetic hinge which keeps the flap nice and secure against the screen of your mobile. Once inside the case, your phone’s side buttons are covered with rubber segments too. Your microUSB port and headphone jack are still open though for easy access.

There is an opening for the camera which has a very hard plastic exterior to it, giving it some protection if your phone is dropped on its back. The thick layers on the rear of the case will hopefully ensure the glass on the back of a Samsung S8+ doesn’t crack when dropped.

The flap can also double up as a stand base too, making it much easier for users to consume media on their phones without having to hold it in their hands. There is only one position, as this relies heavily on the actual clip to stand up, and can only be used horizontally.

A feature that we look out for is whether or not the door can be magnetised with the rear of the case when opened. It can’t with the Gear 4 Oxford, which is a bit of a shame. It’s a feature that seems to be quite popular with folio case users.

On the inside of the front door you can find some pouches for two debit or credit cards. Be warned though. If you’re wanting to use contactless payments, then turn your Android Pay off, to save you spending money from the wrong source. These are useful as it reduces the reason to carry an extra wallet around in another pocket.


The Gear 4 Oxford is hugely stylish, if a little thick. It will add substantial size to the already thin Samsung S8+ but the amount of protection you actually get is far superior than other cases on the market. For more information, check out the Gear 4 website