This German company was set up in 2009 and has now launched a pair of Bluetooth speakers from the same family – here we have the Xqisit S30 and its bigger brother the S300. And they are pretty good. Quality wise, I preferred the baby one, with the larger version needing some refining on the bass output. Fiddling with my Galaxy S8 Plus, I was able to improve the sound noticeably, but I feel it would have been better to be, well, erm, better out the box.

Setup was insanely simple. I just turned them both on, and they automatically hunted for a Bluetooth device. Tap the connect on my phone, and within seconds I was listening to music. There are the usual connections on the side for some external charging, and a baby USB.

So here is what the company says about their S300 device. It is a 2.1 stereo speaker system with built-in DSP audio processor. Those speakers are twin 3W speakers with a 6W integrated subwoofer. And in my humble opinion, that just doesn’t cut it. It needs to be way more powerful than that, especially considering its 150 Euro price.

It has Bluetooth 4.0 with a range of up to 10 meters with six hours play time and that’s great. Built-in microphone of course, and it also doubles as a 5000 mAh power bank, and we like that. It has an aluminium grill and frame with faux leather finish, and measures in as 30 x 14.68 x 5.6 cm. So all that is funky and fine, it is really just the volume that is lacking here, and it really is only that lack of final punch that I am moaning about.

They look great all in black. You could hide them anywhere. So, let’s look at the smaller one at a smidge under 100 Euro, still a pretty penny. And pretty soon, we see the problem with the big one. In the baby version, there is a 2.0 stereo speaker system with built-in DSP audio processor. All good there.

But the twin 3W speakers with a 6W integrated subwoofer is apparently the same as the big one – in a smaller enclosure. Given the real estate and price difference, go for the smaller one, which will fit nicely into a handbag. The rest of the specs are the same, but those dimensions shrink to 14.85 x 7.45 x 2.6 cm. We are sure the company will dramatically improve their larger speakers, but for now, we like the baby S30 a lot.