Power Your Whole Home For The Cost Of A New iPhone

The next time you’re standing in your local Apple store, gazing at the pure beauty that the iPhone X gives off, remember one thing. You can power your home for the cost of one of those. That’s right. You can say goodbye to your energy bills forever if you invested your cash in this new venture.

Two lads from India who form the start up company Avant Garde Innovations have discovered a way to use wind turbines, which cost as little as $750 dollars to power your whole entire home forever. Or for the lifetime of the wind turbine of course. Storms and nature depending.

Of course this isn’t really viable for us in the west, as most of the population does have access to working electricity, brothers Arun and Noop George of Kerala, India have a mission to bring electricity to India’s poorest areas. Their wind turbines have the ability to harness up to 5kWh/kW per day, every day.

Being a wind turbine, it has no impact on the environment as it uses wind to generate the electricity and is about the size of a ceiling fan. This means that it should also not affect the surrounding environment. Wind turbines, even small ones usually cost around £10,000, but with the Avant Garde Innovations wind turbine, pricing them at the same cost as an iPhone makes them more lucrative.

We can’t comment on whether or not they’ll hit the UK any time soon, or whether they’ll actually make for good garden ornaments, but we can say that these guys are top lads for trying to bring electricity to people still without it, all the  while stopping even more destruction to the environment. You can check out their venture on the Avant Garde Innovations website.