STK Groovez Black Zip Stereo Earphones

Mobile phones and MP3 players are becoming more fashionable every day. Accessories for these products need to keep up too. That’s where the STK Zip Headphones come in. They look great, with a zip right up the centre. Usually in-ear headphones are connected by two wires that can be split down the centre. But the zip mechanism replaces that for tangle free listening.

I have a black pair here. They also come in red. The STK Zip Headphones are packaged well with protection around the corners of the box. The headphones in my opinion are also very well built. They feel sturdy in your hand. Some in-ear headphones tend to feel a little flimsy but the STK Zip Headphones feel well protected.

Audio quality was good. I played some music on my mobile phone. You can hear the left and right balance of music very well. Bass levels are okay for the price, but spend some more for a pair of Sennheiser then you will get a better audio quality. But is this what these headphones are about? If you had an audio buff I’m sure they would glance past these and go for the bigger brands like Bose. These headphones in my eyes are about the fashion.

One features I did love about the STK Zip Headphones was the hands free function for mobile phones. It has a built-in microphone so when those all important phone calls come in, they can be answered using the tab on the headphones. Great for when you’re driving or even using the headphones during fitness sessions.

For the price these headphones are great. They look nice, the audio quality is good enough to hear everything in a music track. They’re not going to beat the top branded headphone manufacturers, but I don’t think that’s their aim. They’re very fashionable and will make your head turn if you saw these worn in public. And no cable tangles? Perfect.

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