The Lumo Back is a device that trains you to improve your posture. It is a sensor that straps around your waist so it comes into contact with your lower back. If you slouch, it vibrates. Although posture is its main function, it does also track your steps, movement, sleep and sitting postures and calories burned.

It is very comfortable to wear and can be worn over or under your clothes. It fastens at the front by Velcro straps and tightens at each side to give the sensor a snug fit to your back.

The sensor was very easy to set up. You need the dedicated app available from the Play Store or App Store. Once installed to your phone, you sync the sensor. Once synced you’re ready to go and the buzzing begins.

It really does make you think about your posture. I found myself sitting up straighter than usual. It also made me think more about my posture and it became a kind of game, trying not to set off the vibrations.

Sensitivity can be changed using the app, something you may find yourself doing if its constantly going off.

The only downside to the product depends on what phone you are connecting it to. I was using a Samsung Note 3 and it was a pain having my Bluetooth on all day. It killed my battery by late afternoon and the phone required a recharge. Other phones may vary depending on their battery lives.

The Lumo Back does exactly what it is meant to do. The Lumo Back is available for £129.95 from selected stores.