Doro PhoneEasy 508 review

Doro is definitely aiming itself at the casual user. Most phones on the market now have smart capabilities. These mobiles may be an absolute waste for some people. Doro has it covered.

It’s a simple phone. There are no complex app stores or lengthy menu options. Everything is there in front of you and even the furthest setting is two or three button taps away.

It has an extremely bright colour screen. The font is easy to read too with its adjustable size.

There is no camera to take your snaps. There is also a lack of social media functions available so that’s a no to Facebook or Instagram but someone wanting a basic phone will probably not want these functions.

Doro are aiming their phones at people who cannot get on with the conventional smartphone, or even senior citizens which is great. They’re covering a gap in the market which has suffered since smartphones were released.

The FM radio quality is great. It needs a handsfree kit for it to work. Unfortunately there is no RDS so stations cannot be stored or renamed to your custom names but I didn’t see that as being too much of a problem.

There is a calendar and alarm function included. I used the phone this morning to wake me up and had no problems with volume there.

The ICE information is interesting. ICE in this case stands for In Case Of Emergency. The information entered into the phone can be obtained by paramedics as an example if you are incapacitated.

The Doro phone is great for the elderly or for people who do not want a smartphone. It’s easy to use, has some great basic functions, and most importantly, easy to see. You can pick up one of these phones from various vendors such as Amazon, Phones4U, Carphone Warehouse and other mobile phone providers. You can buy a sim free model for no more than £40.

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