CoPilot Premium review

There are many apps now for navigation including Garmin and TomTom. CoPilot Premium is up there with the big players. It was a great app to use in my car. The speed in which the app worked was phenomenal. The reason for this is the app actually downloads the maps directly to your device so there is a much faster time in finding your destination.

It was great at anticipating which street you were entering. It stores your recent destinations in its memory.

Navigating the menu was a breeze. CoPilot Premium has been laid out extremely well. I never got lost in the menus.

Weather and traffic updates worked well and I was always alerted well before any jam and given an alternative route. These are part of the CoPilot’s features.

I was offered multiple map views including 2D and 3D, a list of directions, and a simplified view. My favourite on any satnav is the 2D view. It gave a huge coverage so I knew about turn offs a long time before they were there.

I was using CoPilot Premium on a Samsung Note 3 and worked well with the huge screen size I have. I’m not sure if it would work as well on smaller devices. It is available to Android and iOS users.

CoPilot Live Premium is available from the CoPilot website and ranges in price depending on which maps you would like to download. Of course I used a UK map which costs £19.99 for a single region map although I could get a European map for £29.99.

CoPilot Premium is simple to use, has some great in-built features and got me where I needed to go every time. I would recommend this app over some of the bigger companies on the market.

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