So today we’re all celebrating National Grooming Day, and you know what that means… lads, they’ve got to go. Okay, so maybe I’m a little jealous that my beard game is pretty poor by social standards. But hey, I have a nice thick head of hair so I’ve got it where it counts. But don’t worry, Braun has your back.

In celebration of National Grooming Day, Braun has decided to give us a sneak peak at their latest and greatest hygiene products. We’ve got to check out everything from up top trimmers to down low groomers. So without further ado, let’s have a look at Braun’s latest line-up.


Braun Beard Trimmer RRP: £39.99

The new Braun Beard Trimmer offers ultimate precision for the perfect look. It makes it easy to achieve an exact trim length and precise contours, for a perfectly groomed beard. It has lifetime lasting sharp blades and 25 length settings for 4 x more precision styling. The ergonomically-designed dial gives complete control over texture and style thanks to 25 different length settings. The Precision Comb cuts hairs to between 1mm and 10mm in 0.5mm steps, whilst the Long Beard Comb trims hairs between 10mm and 0mm in 2mm steps. The slide out Detail Trimmer works even with the comb on for easy and efficient styling of beard lines. Because it can be used corded or cordlessly it never runs out of power (powerful NI-MH batteries fully charge in an hour for 50 minutes of cordless trimming). The trimmer is 100% washable for easy cleaning under running water. The new Braun Beard Trimmer is also available with an extra attachment comb and a storage bag for RRP £49.99.


Braun Body Grooming Kit RRP: £129.99

The Braun Body Grooming Kit provides the ultimate flexibility to manscape all areas: epilating removes body hair from the root for up to 4 weeks of results. The Efficiency Cap effectively removes hair from larger areas, whilst the Sensitive Cap provides precise epilation on smaller, harderto-reach parts of your body. Forty tweezers with Close-Grip Technology remove hair as short as 0.5mm (so there’s no awkward regrowth period). The Smartlight reveals even the shortest hairs to ensure none are missed and the product works in the shower to complement your existing routine


Braun Multi Groomer RRP: £69.99

With the Braun Multi Groomer you can shave, style and trim just about any beard style you can think of. The ultimate 3-in-1 system allows you to trim, style and shave all with one product. The versatile groomer has a shaver and trimmer with three attachments, and is the ideal tool to complement any grooming regime. The extra wide shaver head is equipped with a flexible SmartFoil for a smooth and clean shave in a few strokes. The twistable trimmer has a wide side for efficient trimming and a narrow side for precise styling of beard lines. The adjustable Click&Lock comb trims facial hair to four exact lengths (1.2mm, 2.8mm, 4.4mm, 6mm) The groomer is 100% washable for easy cleaning under running water.


Braun Body Groomer RRP: £39.99

The Braun Body Groomer is the perfect tool for a groomed look from head to toe. It can be used to trim, shave and maintain all over your body, even down under as the body groomer sensitive comb, ensures your delicate areas are under safe trimmers. The 2-in-1 functionality means the product can trim and clean-shave body hair in one movement, for a grooming routine that is fast and hassle-free. Works in the shower for added comfort and convenience. A charging stand ensures the body groomer is always charged and ready.


Braun Hair Clipper RRP: £39.99

The Braun Hair Clipper has ultrasharp secured blades for high performance, which are lifetime lasting for ultimate hair clipping. With two smart trimming attachments, and 17 precise length settings, it can be used to customise a huge variety of styles (an extra short setting can be used without the comb). The Memory SafetyLock system that remembers the last length setting used, even after the attachment is removed. Because it can be used corded or cordlessly it never runs out of power. The clipper is fully washable for easy cleaning.


Braun Precision Trimmer RRP: £14.99

The Braun Precision Trimmer has two trimming combs to provide flexible, precise trimming and create precise styles down to the very last millimetre. The 5mm comb – an extra small trimming element that defines sharp lines – ensures a consistent, tidy trim time and time again.  The 8mm comb ensures that longer facial hair remains perfectly groomed.