There’s A Pikachu On My Desk!

Well not literally of course. But it would be awesome to have the electric type Pokemon sitting next to me, giving me quick jolts of lightning to keep me awake and working. Like many of us tech heads and nerd brains out there, Pokemon and Pikachu have entered our lives yet again. They came at us in the late 90s with the TV show and Trading Card Game, and now again in digital form. Pokemon has had such an influence on our lives that it’s now getting in the way of one very important thing… our jobs.

Yes, research has shown that Pokemon Go is taking up a decent chunk of our 9 – 5s. Is it a bad thing? According to some, not at all. In a recent survey by Qualtrics, one of the world’s largest specialists in employment engagement asked 500 British Pokemon Go players whether or not they played at work. You’d like to think that this sort of thing would be best hidden from bosses everywhere, but apparently not. A whopping 53% of people surveyed admitted to playing Pokemon Go through work hours. What’s better is that 27% of these people said they played between three to five hours at work a week. Only 15% admitted to playing more than seven.

For all of those nice bosses out there, 33% of people surveyed told that they would share their Pokemon conquests with their bosses, which I’m sure they’d appreciate. “Hey boss, sorry about not getting my assignment done on time. But guess what… I caught a Rapidash!” Only 5% said that they’d feel embarrassed to share their nostalgic addictions. Don’t be like that guys, Pokemon Go is pretty cool!

Ian McVey, the UK Director of Qualtrics commented; “Pokemon Go is likely to be more of an issue for employers whose staff are at greater liberty to work outside the office than for those who are desk bound.  With new versions of the game to come, employers should consider the implications on productivity. They will be weighing up the balances between workplace flexibility and security, for mobile, home and office based workers.

He continues; “That said, consumer technology may have a significant role to play in workplace learning and development. Pokemon Go can be said to have merit in using a sense of fun with which to introduce the concept of augmented and virtual reality.”

So there we have it. A chunk of us play Pokemon Go during work hours. It doesn’t surprise me really as the game has literally taken over the planet at an alarming rate. Now I must end there, a Weepingbell has just appeared in my office and I don’t have that one yet.