A few weeks ago, Sony unveiled the specs for their new Playstation 5 console and it got everyone talking. Unlike Micrsoft with their new Xbox, we still do not know what the PS5 will look like but we got the first taster last night. Sony uploaded two images, both showcasing the new controller that will come with the PS5 and they’re calling it ‘DualSense’.

Visually, it looks very much similar to the official PS4 controller within a few tweaks, such as a larger touchpad, different LED lighting and a couple of extra curves. I’m not too sure what I was expecting, I mean, I do like the look of it but it hasnt blown me awat. Did you see that it was white? Will the PS5 be a white console? Hell no, I think that’s far too bold for Sony and it’s more likely they will offer a black console/black controller option too.


Other than its appearance, this new controller comes with new and additional features, which hopefully will improve and refine our skills. These include adaptive shoulder button triggers with haptic feedback, which at present you only find in custom controllers from the likes of Scuf Gaming. It also includes a built-in microphone so you can talk to friends without having to wear a headset, which will widen chat access to many but if the controller is in your lap, that microphone is going to pick up alot more than just your voice! Lastly there is a new ‘Create’ button that replaces the PS4 Share button.


Previously, Sony announced the console will have 8 Zen 2 cores, 16 GB RAM memory and an 825GB SSD drive. The GPU will be using custom RDNA 2 architecture promising real-time ray tracing capabilities. There is room for expansible NVMe SSD storage but it’s got to meet the needs of the PS5 to work. So hold your horses on that before rushing out to buy one, as 825GB for games that are now promising 8K fidelity and ray tracing is tiny. There should be at least double this as standard.

Release date is still meant to be holidays 2020, which is Nov/December 2020. Will that be achieveable with the current virus situation? Time will tell. Look out for further announcements on the actual console appearance and then right at the last minute, the price it will set you back…$599/£499 maybe…