We love getting a new case, and it’s even better when it comes from a manufacturer that is not as well known as some of the giants of the industry.

Take a look at this newly released H600X PC gaming enclosure from Abkoncore for around £70 or so. It takes an ATX so naturally smaller sizes catered for, too.

It even has the three must-haves these days – and of course those are mesh front, RGB sync and tempered glass. Nice touch for a budget case is the smoked glass sits on small lip built into the case so the panel doesn’t just drop to the floor when it goes on and off.

An RGB hub is included, along with a remote control to control the RGB on the three case fans with mode changes plus colours, transition speeds, and brightness. Weirdly, it has a Molex instead of SATA power connector as it could mean the need for an extra power supply cable needs to be incorporated should you have a modular unit.

Spacious design allows for the assembly or large components such as long graphic cards up to 358mm and high CPU coolers up to 173mm.

There is power supply support for ATX up to 350mm long and placed at the bottom inside a designated PSU chamber for lower temperature results throughout the system.  There is a shroud to keep it hidden, but the 3.5 inch drive bay in the same area does prevent easy storage of the power supply cable. Four screws on the case bottom gets rid of that providing a massive amount of space.

Your valuable components are kept nice and chill thanks in part to the massive mesh at the front and roof, which is covered by a magnetic filter. While we are on filters, the one on the bottom is a cost cutter – a small square help in place by tabs makes it a pain to get on and off, but then you’re not cleaning it every day.

Functionality is the key word for the H600X case, internal support for tool free mounting for HDD/SSD drives and additional SSD brackets on the rear of the mainboard panel.  Overall dimensions are 225x455x495mm and it weighs 5.6kg.

The front  I/O support is pretty standard with two USB3.0, HD Audio and mic-jacks. No DVD drive, of course these days.

Those fans are a pair of 200mm RGB spectrums mounted in the front and a single 120mm RGB Hurricane in the rear. Furthermore, there is additional space to mount 2x 120mm or 140mm fans on the top as well as liquid cooling radiator size 120/240/360mm at the front or top. A full liquid cooling loop could also be possible.

Building in it is a breeze, but one word of advice. Make sure you remove the graphics card covers before installing the motherboard. They are the wiggle-off variety and the welds are really good. If the board is already in, there is little to no wiggle room.

Another top notch in design is the space they left to get the CPU power plug connected to the motherboard in the top left corner. Often, we have seen this gap so small, you can’t get a hand in there, especially if there is a tower style air cooler already in place. No rubber grommets on the motherboard tray where cables come through, but we are ok with that. They are nicely placed.

Minor point, but something you will really appreciate if you do it a lot, and that’s the great thread quality on the case for the motherboard standoffs.  Plus the board’s shield clipped in super easy and all the fixing holes lined up. You may well expect all that, but the times we are now seeing poor quality control in these areas is worrying.

So, there we have it – another nice case from Abkoncore. All they need to do is change one or two niggles and the case will be perfect. And there is nothing wrong with that.