Sony have just annouunced their new EXTRA BASS speaker lineup, and I must say, they’re looking pretty special.

The idea is in the name. These speakers are designed to pack a punch when it comes to your music, making these speakers perfect for any bass heads out there.

There are three new models, the XB43, XB33 and XBG23, and all three come with Sony’s X-Balanced speaker unit. They’re also all water, dust and shock proof too, making them perfect for a poolside speaker, or one you can take into nature with you on a camping trip.

The speakers feature a non-circular diaphram, which is how the speakers achieve their punchy bass as this produces sound pressure. Sony are also boasting a 25% drop rate in distortion on the XB33, and the XB43 comes with a sub and tweeter setup for a better mix between lows, mids and highs.

There’s now a LIVE SOUND mode which is designed to make the speakers’ audio feel a lot more separated, by offering what Sony are calling 3-dimentional sound. There’s even some funky lighting patterns available. And with Party Connect, you can connect up to 100 speakers together.

To top it off, the three speakers use USB Type-C connections for charging, and come with 24 hour battery lives. There’s even a USB Type-A to plug your phone directly into the speaker itself.

The speakers aren’t exactly cheap either, which hopefully is reflected in the quality, but until we get our hands on one, we won’t be able to confirm that. The XB43 will cost around £200, while the XB33 will come in at £150 and the XB23 model will cost £100. They will all come in black, blue, red, taupe and green.