This caught my eye straight away, just look at how gloruios these new products look! Wowzer! Anyway, if you had’nt guessed, Dell have announced a few new products under their G series. Lets take a look.

Dell G7 Laptop

A brand new G7, in either 15″ or 17″ format, with a slim design, powerful performance and some cool perks like customisable chassis light. The new G7 touts significant all-around improvements over the previous-gen for on-the-go gaming. The G7 has lost some weight, dropping by 4mm to a slim 20.5mm at the hinge, thanks to the innovative hinge design and the black anodized, all-metal chassis construction. The same for its elegant narrow bezel display, going from 9.9mm to 6.5mm on G7 15 and 8.16mm on the 17-inch.  

The G7 is powered by the latest 10th Gen Intel Core CPUs (up to i9) and NVIDIA’s GeForce graphic cards (up to NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2070 with Max-Q Design on the 15”, or NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2070 Super on the 17”). Its gameplay experience is enhanced with a precision glass trackpad, customizable chassis lighting and 4-zone RGB keyboard.  And a discrete “Game Shift” macro key instantly kicks the fan speed into dynamic performance mode for heavy action scenes. Nahimic 3D Audio rounds out the experience with a 360⁰ soundscape with VoiceBoost and Sound Tracker radar. 

The G7 15 will be available in the UK on July 17 and the 17-inch will be available in July. Price? about £1300 it looks like.


Dell G5 Desktop

Not a laptop kinda person? Fair enough, me neither! So with that in mind, check out the G5 desktop. Other than the lame stock cooler, this looks pretty tidy, especially the RGB from the front.

Cranking up the torque is Intel’s new 10th Gen Core CPU, delivering performance upgrades for high frames-per-second and smoother gameplay. Paired with VR-capable NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX/RTX or AMD Radeon™ RX 5600 graphics cards for stunning 1080p gaming, you can experience strong performance and lighting quick responsiveness for uninterrupted gameplay.  


During intense gaming sessions, you’ll love the G5’s four thermal mode options in the Alienware Command Center that’s adjustable whether you’re gaming, working, studying or watching videos. Easy to expand or upgrade with tool-less entry, G5 is designed as a compact desktop that makes it easier to game in a smaller space like a dorm room, bedroom or office. Its distinctive front panel design is accented by full RGB LED lighting and an optional clear window side panel, making it a stunning conversation starter.

The new G5 is initially on sale in the UK on August 18. Price? Not sure but go by previous models, it’l probably start around the £800 mark and go up from there, depending on how you configure it.

So thats it, a little update from Dell, with new and improved G5 desktop and G7 laptops!