Sony Announce World’s Highest Resolution Phone Camera Sensor

sony camera screen

We all know that Sony’s mobile phones produce some of the best image qualities already. So much so that manufacturers like Huawei have stuck them inside their P20 Pros. So there is no surprise that Sony is again leading the way with their new image sensors, claiming that they’re the capable of the highest resolution in the world right now. The model number as shown on a recent Sony press release is officially IMX586 1/2-type (8.0 mm diagonal) 48 effective megapixel*2 stacked CMOS image sensor, which is a bit of a mouthful so I’m going to call it the IMX586 going forward.

The sensor has been created to help with improving images taken in low lighting conditions, as it’s more sensitive to the light given to the actual sensor. There’s also a higher saturation too as they’re using the new Quad Bayer processing, making photos a lot more colourful. Smaller pixels in general have trouble with these issues, but with the new Sony IMX586 and its 0.8 μm pixel size, these issues shouldn’t be a problem anymore. The higher 48 megapixel count enables high-definition imaging on smart phones.

With the Sony IMX586 sensor being only 8mm in diagonal diameter also means that there will probably be no noticeable bumps in the sizes of cameras on the back of our smartphones either. It means that manufacturers can still produce ever thinning handsets for us.

There’s also four times the dynamic range of previous sensors, so capturing image quality within dark and light areas of the same photograph has been improved a lot. No more blown out highlights that you usually get on mobile phone quality images. Your holiday shots have never looked so good.

Sony plan on shipping the IMX586 sensors from September 2018, costing just £27 each, which I was shocked about, but probably on point in terms of image sensors. Don’t forget, that these are just small part of camera phone technology.

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