Ballistix, a global brand which belongs to Micron Technologies has announced that their new Sport AT memory is now available. The RAM memory is in support of Asus’ TUF Gaming Alliance. There have been a number of partners involved in this product including Cooler Master and InWin, ensuring that the product has the best compatibility across gaming components as well as complimentary aesthetics to the partners’ existing product lines.

Some specs include: module densities up to 16GB, speeds up to 3000 MT/s, unique new heat spreader ideal for TUF Gaming Alliance builders, a lifetime warranty incase you have any issues as well as being plug and play, perfect for gamers who want to get quickly setup to own in Fornite.

“Our TUF Gaming Alliance relationship with Ballistix, the memory brand of choice for so many gamers, offers customers and partners an exciting new product for PC builds,” said Sharon Pan, Division Director of the ASUS Motherboard Channel PM Department. “On the heels of all the positive feedback at Computex 2018, we’re looking forward to a successful collaboration with Ballistix as we continue to create products that excel in both performance and aesthetics.”

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with ASUS, a best-in-class brand, to develop products for the TUF Gaming Alliance,” said Jim Jardine, Director of Ballistix Product Marketing. “The TUF Gaming Alliance offers enthusiasts a blend of compatibility, durability, and aesthetics – the same qualities Ballistix has been known for since it launched more than a decade ago.”

For any more information on the Ballistix RAM memory, then you can head over to the specially designed Ballistix gaming website.