TableCoaster – The Ultimate Anti-Spill Drink Holder Review


You may remember a while ago we took a look at a rather unusual product called the CouchCoaster, which was a rubber armed coaster that draped over the arm of your couch. Well now they’re back, with a very similar product, but this time, for your tables and desks.

Mine is placed on my desk, and is a god send when having drinks around my PC, as I’m not the best in keeping liquid in a glass, and am prone to spill 80% of the time, especially if I’m busy and not paying attention.


The TableCoaster stands at around 6.5cm tall and like before, can hold standard tumbler type glasses, or if you remove the attachment, you can also put mugs inside too. The coaster is tall enough to protect you from knocks.

On the underside is also an adhesive pad which is a nice touch, but be warned that it’s super sticky, so make sure you’re happy with the placement of your coaster before sticking down to a surface. I would have liked to have seen some kind of rubber base, rather than pad. It would have made it nicer to move around if needed rather than having to shove a knife underneath the TableCoaster to remove it from your surface.

It’s made from plastic and is safe to wash in warm water. I never stuck it inside a dishwasher, because there was really no need, so I can’t comment on that. But give it a wipe down if you do spill some drops inside, especially fizzy drinks because it can become sticky.

The TableCoaster is an unbelievably practical product which is definitely suited to desks where computers are at risk, or maybe even games rooms, home bars or workshops where there could be tools and materials flying around. They are available in two different colours, white and black and can be found on Amazon for as little as £11.99.


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