Sony is seemingly very eager beavers this year, with the fact that they have already given us a preview of their new upcoming 2021 televisions prior to CES 2021 which kicks off next week.

The interesting thing about these new TVs though, is that they’re sporting Sony’s new cognitive intelligence AI, which is claimed to be a world first. The four teleivisions in questions right now, which fall under the Bravia XR badge is the 8K Master Series Z9J LED television, the A90J, A80J OLED and the X95J and X90J which are 4K LED panels.

Each TV in the new Sony Bravia XR lineup will feature their new cognitive intelligence feature as well as Google TV for all of your entertainment needs. Speaking of entertainment, Sony is also including HDMI 2.1 across the entire range, which will cover your all-important 4K gaming at 120Hz as well as variable refresh rates and auto low-latency mode. Google TV also comes with voice control, so you can speak directly to your television set and give it instructions like you do your phone or Google home setup.

The television lineup also features Bravia Core, a streaming service that can promise to deliver near-lossless UHD Bluray quality video thanks to its Pure Stream technology and an array of titles from Sony’s SPE premium and classic titles and the largest IMAX Enhanced collection. Sound-from-picture reality offers better quality audio, and there’s a Netflix Enhanced mode too which promises to improve picture and audio quality.

So, you’re probably thinking what cognitive intelligence means right? Well, it is essentially a way of giving users a much better picture quality from upscaled sources. The Cognitive Intelligence divides the screen into several zones and detects where the focal point of that scene is within the picture. So for example, if two people are having a conversation within a scene, it will adjust the image to produce a greater detail as possible in those actors, and then separately, adjust the image of the background to, as the TV can detect different zones, rather than blanket upscaling the entire image all at once. Of course, we’ve not seen this in action, seeing as we’re all in lockdown right now and unable to attend a physical CES event, but still, it does sound promising.

This also follows suit with the sound, as the Cognitive Intelligence is able to upscale the original sound of a source to 3D sound, giving users a better placement of objects within a scene playing out.

Masaomi Ando, head of Sony Europe’s TV business unit said; ‘Sony’s intent is to constantly innovate in the TV technology to offer the most immersive viewing experience possible. The new BRAVIA XR TVs convey reality better than ever, thanks to the processing power of the world’s first cognitive processor, which goes beyond conventional AI.’

So where does it all start? Well, the Master Series Z9J comes in an 85″ and 75″ model, and it looks absolutely beautiful. Sony really know how to put a great looking TV together. As I said before this is Son’y flagship TV and features and 8K image quality from a full-array LED panel. Sony also feature their X-Wide tech for better viewing angles and teir XR Contrast Booster to really bring out the details in all the shadow and highlights they can. This is Sony’s flagship right? So it’s definitely promising to be absolutely best in class, and we cannot wait to find out more about this promising panel.

Step down from that though and you’re greeted with the X95J and X90J which pretty much features all of the above, but have 4K panels, and come in a larger array of sizes from 50″ right up to 85″.

Where Sony are really exciting this year, is their inclusion of OLED panels in their brand new line up which promise to feature a huge improved contrast with their XR OLED Contrast tech which adjusts the brightness on the fly to handle glare and deeper black levels and it also features XR Motion Clarity which minimises blur within images, especially towards the brighter end of the scale. Again, you have Bravia Core, HDMI 2.1 and all of that good stuff already mentioned above. The two OLED panels start at 55″ and go all the way to 83″ too which itself is a massive achievement to go alongside the smaller sizes. Also, there’s VERY little bezel from the images we’ve seen from Sony’s press materials, so there’s that too.

Unfortunately, we’ve got no prices in Europe as of yet, so I can’t give you an idea of how much these teleivisions are going to be, but it’s easy to think that looking at their impressive specs, you better start getting your wallets ready, because they’re going to be empty any time soon.