Let’s get straight to the point, just look at these new laptops from LG. Ooof, they look fantastic. LG has just showcased its new Gram range of laptops at CES 2021.

Ultra-light, ultra-portable and they’re saying, exceptional performance and long battery life too. This new lineup includes five new models: LG Gram 17, LG Gram 16, LG Gram 14 and then also 2-in-1 versions of the 16″ and 14″ too. All of which include a 16:10 aspect ratio screens, designed around maximising work efficiency.

Offering more screen real estate than the 16:9 displays found on most laptops, the latest LG Grams are able to show more information at any one time. The keyboard and touchpad have also been enlarged for faster, easier typing without compromising the portability of these compact devices.

High-resolution, covering 99% of the DCI-P3 colour space, the new displays are ideal for entertainment as well as work. LG is saying they deliver stellar picture quality with vibrant, accurate colours, excellent contrast and sharp details and from what we’ve seen in the virtual showroom, we have
to agree, they look very good.

What are these new laptops packing underneath the hood? Well, they are powered by an 11th Gen Intel® Core processor with Iris® Xe Graphics and speedy LPDDR4x memory. The 17″ and 16″ also feature 80Wh high-density batteries, to help with longer periods of use between charges, freeing users
from the need to carry a power adapter with them at all times.

Although the range is named Gram, do not be fooled, these do actually way more than a gram. The 17″ model actually weighs in at 1.35kg, the 16″ at 1.19kg and the 14″ just shy of 1kg.

As mentioned before, both the 16″ and 14″ come in a 2in1 option too, offering more flexibility thanks to LG’s unique 360-degree hinge. These 2-in-1 models come with a stylus pen compatible with Wacom AES 2.0 for enhanced navigation and control for a smooth, precise writing and drawing experience. A possible alternative, a more versatile alternative to say the iPad Pro for the creative folk?

Although we’re not there in person this year to try these out first hand, LG has showcased these well and have got us and I’m sure, many other people, very excited.