AndaSeat, who have a history in race car seats and even eSports have just announced that they’re launching a brand new range of Disney’s Marvel themed chairs.

Four heroes are being added to the mix: Ant-Man, Captain America, Iron mand and even Spider-Man. Each chair will be available on Amazon and from February here in the UK.

Andaseat use their very own AD design, which has been put together to improve ergonomics to maximise comfort and health, and that’s for anyone who works at a desk, rather than focusing on just gamers.

There are a host of materials used too, with Captain America, Iron Man and Ant-Man being made from AD Plus PVC leather, and Spider-Man being made from of Alpha Linen Fabric. Both materials offer scratch and stain resistance. It also means that the chair aims to hold its original shape and condition, rather than becoming worn over time and there are no harmful elements either, so they’re completely safe for both adults and kids alike.

The chairs have been padded with super high-density foam to ensure comfort and support is present for the spine during longer gaming sessions, and also ensures users have good back support to maintain a healthy posture. There are dual cushions present and can be adjusted to support both your lumbar and cervical spines. The chairs are also capable of reclining up to 160-degrees and also feature a locking mode. The armrests have the ability to move front and back, up and down and even left and right pan. The pillow that comes included is made from AD memory foam and mould to the shape of your body.

Here are some prices:

USA – from and Amazon

Ant Man: $399.99 – Amazon link here

Iron Man: $469.99 – Amazon link here

Captain America: $529.99 – Amazon link here

Spider Man: $549.99 – Amazon link here

UK – from

Ant Man: £299.99

Iron Man: £349.99

Captain America: £399.99

Spider Man: £429.99

Australia – from

Ant Man: AUD 499.99

Iron Man: AUD 699.99

Captain America: AUD 799.99

Spider Man: AUD 819.99

For more information – visit the dedicated AndaSeat Marvel promotion page here