TCL has just announced their brand new lineup of smartphones, which include two handsets that are 5G compatible, which is a first for TCL. What’s more, are going to cost under ¬£300 when they initially come to market.

The 20 series handsets, which are set to replace the current 10 series handsets that are currently available promises to improve performance, as well as provide customers with a great design and more importantly, affordability.

TCL are known for their displays, and its no different here, with the 20 series handsets featuring the latest iteration of TCL’s NXTVISION which promises to push the SDR to HDR conversion further, with improvements to colour calibration and eye safety features.

Some devices from TCL are also set to feature dedicated display engines that are combined with AI software, to push that visual performance further. Which models right now aren’t known, but I think I’m safe to say that this type of feature will be more towards their flagship handsets. The AI works on an algorithm and can detect your environment’s lighting conditions as well as what is being watched on screen, and determine the best brightness, contrast and clarity to ensure the quality of your footage never drops.

So, let’s quickly run down the models of each handset. First is the TCL 20 5G, which features a large 6.67 FHD+ Notch display, can support HDR10 playback and also real-time conversion from SDR to HDR qualities. Inside you can find an 8mm octa-core Snapdragon 690 chipset. More in-depth specs are to follow once information becomes fully available, but still it’s looking pretty impressive so far. You can also find a 4,500mAh battery inside too for those power users out there.

Let it be known that TCL will also be able to switch between 4G and 5G depending on signal and also power usage to save battery. There’s a triple camera setup powered by AI which offers auto-focus improvements over the 10 series phones and also video stabilisation and a better quality low light photo. It’s max megapixel size comes in at 48, and from what we’ve seen so far images do look nice and crisp. The 20 5G comes in Mist Grey and Placid Blue, which I must say, the blue does look great, and you can find them for around 299 Euros, as UK pricing has not been announced yet.

Lastly, you have the TCL 20 SE which offers exactly the same NXTVISION tech of the 20 5G, but offers a 6.82-inch screen which has a 90% screen to body ratio. The aspect ratio is a little wider than usual at 20.5:9 to offer better media consumption on the device. You’ve got Hi-Rez audio compatibility and a 5,000mAh battery as well as a dual speaker setup for better audio quality. It’s all powered by a Qualcomm octa-core chip, but that has not been revealed yet.

The camera has some interesting AI-powered modes which include an Object Eraser which clears unwanted clutter from your photos, and a colour and sky enhancement feature. You’ll be able to find the TCL 20 SE for ¬£149 here in the UK which I must say makes for a pretty decent bargain if this kind of spec can be delivered fully.

TCL is also working on a multi-screen collaboration which will aid users in seamlessly sharing content across TCL phones, tablets, PCs and Televisions. More details are going to be announced later on in the year.

So what do you think about the new TCL phones? Are you fussed about buying the latest flagship handsets from Apple and Samsung, or do the specs of something like the TCL 20 5G impress you enough to save yourself some cash on your next handset? Let us know in the comments.