Sony A5000 Review

Since dropping the NEX name, the Sony A5000 is the fourth CSC camera Sony has released. It is part of the new Alpha brand shortened to A in model numbers. The A5000 joins Sony’s entry-level squad appealing to the new photographers out there. It is designed very similarly to the NEX shape. It has a flat compact design.

The Sony A5000 has an APS-C format Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor with 20 megapixels and also the impressive Bionz X processor, which can be found in Sony’s flagship models.

Even though it’s aimed more at the novice market, the A5000 still packs its advanced exposure modes such as aperture and shutter priority. If you’re not quite comfortable with these settings then the familiar iAuto mode will suit you down to the ground.

The unfortunate thing about the A5000 is its lack of viewfinder. Going into the more complex camera market, you would think this feature would be a must. Saying that, Sony have included a 180 degree 480,000-dot LCD screen so any annoying glare from light can be counteracted.

There are 13 different picture effects to be taken advantage of, such as black and white and HDR painting, which can be applied after the photo has been taken.  You can also save RAW files, but cannot add picture effects to them.

Wi-Fi is included on the A5000 for direct sends to social media sites and also Sony’s own PlayMemories app. Having Smart Remote Control enables the camera to be controlled from an external device such as a phone or tablet.

Sony’s A5000 is currently the world’s smallest APS-C sized lens camera. It’s not as small as Panasonic’s GM1 but that has a smaller Micro Four Thirds Sensor. The A5000 is an extremely well built camera that will appeal to any beginner photographers.

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