Sol Republic Relays Sport Earphones Review


Sol Republic is an American audio manufacturer specialising in headphones and speakers. They’re known for bring pretty decent and are based in the higher end of the market. We got sent a pair of the Relays Sport earphones to check out First impressions? They look incredibly smart!

So these are earphones, inserted into your ears. They’re focused more towards the sporting market, with the front packaging stating ‘Tuned for performance. Won’t fall out’. Will they fall out? We’ll have to wait and see when I go out for a jog. The earphones include an inline mic and single button remote control for music and receiving calls. Both features very standard nowadays but still widely used by many. The earphones are also IPX4, which in brief, describes its level of protection against the elements like water and dust. It basically means they’re sweat resistant. So once again, really targeting the athletic among us. They also have something called a FreeFlex wheel, which is patented to Sol Republic and means the product has a unique fit that’s easy to use and won’t fall out.


The packaging is vibrant and modern. It’s of cardboard construction, with a clear plastic side, so you can see the headphones before opening the box. They come in four colours: black, white, sea blue and a vibrant lime. Within the packaging you get the ear phones, a variety of different sized ear buds which should cater for most needs and also a set of instructions.

Like I previously mentioned, the earphones have an in built mic and a single button, which is close to the left ear phone and is the perfect length to be near my mouth. At the other end is a standard 3.5mm jack. Also on the cable is a clip. Pretty standard but adds so much value when doing sports as you can securely clip the cable to your top to avoid any slack getting in the way. The clip can be removed if you are not a fan.  Going back to the FreeFlex wheel, it’s basically a squidgy plastic ring, that when inserted into your ear, moulds to your ear and thus, making for a secure snug fit and it does a pretty good job!

sol republic headphopnes 1

Performance wise, quite impressive! There was a good mix between the frequencies, with a crisp and distinct sound while listening to a variety of tracks on my playlist. The headphones can get pretty loud but the quality remains throughout. Sound isolation was a big hit with me. I know that earphones tend to provide more sound insulation over headphones, due to their nature and these are no exception. These will easily blank out most sounds on your daily commute. The FreeFlex wheel works really well, the ear phones felt very secure in my ears and when on the treadmill, they didn’t fall out once in my 30minute jog. I have to say though, after using them for 30 minutes during exercise, they did start to become a little uncomfortable.

Overall, a pair of very nice looking pair of earphones, paired with good sound quality. You can pick them up for less than £40, which I feel is a fair price for the quality you’re getting. For further info, visit the official site Sol Republic site.

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