Skulpt Chisel Fitness Tracker Review

When a trend in certain product groups start appearing, it’s always great for something to come along and change it up a bit. That’s exactly what the Skulpt Chisel has done. Traditionally, fitness trackers have always been about steps taken, calories burned, amount of time you’ve spent doing fitness in a single session etc. Chisel is all about measuring your muscle quality and body fat percentage. This is apparently a much more accurate way of measuring how fit and healthy you are as a person.

The Skulpt Chisel has 12 sensors on the back. Each sensor has an optimized configuration and frequency for higher accuracy in its readings. The technology is really interesting here. The sensors fire off a small current, past your subcutaneous fat and through your muscle fibres. The Chisel then evaluates the flow of that current to be able to give you an accurate reading on fat percentage per muscle.

skulpt chisel 2

All the data is then collated into your smart phone using a Bluetooth connection between the two. In their handy app the readings are displayed very clearly. The Skulpt app will give you a personalised workout as well as nutrition advice for your fitness sessions and lifestyle. The measurements use the MQ unit, meaning Muscle Quality. The higher the number the better the muscle. The Chisel will accurately measure up to 24 muscles in the body. These are your: abs, biceps, calves, chest, forearms, hamstrings, lower back, quads, shoulders, triceps, and upper back.

To use the device simply spray the sensors with water for a more accurate reading and then place onto your body. Initially the light will be red, but if a reading is successful it will turn blue and then send the data to your smart phone. The device is water-proof so there is no worry about damaging the sensor when spraying it, or even using it in the shower.

It’s very hard to say that this is an accurate way of testing your muscle quality and body fat. A quick search on Google delivers very positive results. These devices are already being used by fitness trainers as well as gyms and gym goers and I have seen no complaints. I’ve posted some images of my results below to give you some indication of what the app looks like. And yeah yeah, get the unhealthy fat guy jokes out the way now.

skulpt chisel 1

You can find more information on the Skulpt Chisel website, or even pick up one for yourself. They’re currently retailing at around £149.99 online which seems pretty fair for a decent fitness tracker these days.