So if you follow TechNuovo and our gaming reviews, you will probably know that we’re not the best Total War players. But we certainly do still enjoy playing them. Which is why we wanted to really get our hands on the latest Total War: Warhammer 2 game.

The Sega booth at EGX 2017 wasn’t too busy, which was great as it meant we could literally sit down at one of their machines, rather than waiting in a queue for an average of two hours. Sega had two demos running for Total War: Warhammer 2 – one with the Skaven faction and the other with the Dark Elves – both new to the Total War series.

First up was Skaven, and I immediately noticed that there were a lot – and I mean loads – more troops on the map. The Skaven, although seemingly weak hence why there is so many, are still equally matched against foes. You still need to think about things like spears vs horses are good and spears vs swords are bad etc.

Graphically ¬†the game didn’t look much different. Terrain still appeared the same. The larger improvements came from the units themselves, as if textures were all nice and shiny. There seems to be a heavier focus on magic as well, especially when playing through the Dark Elves battle which is nice to see. I never really used magic in the first one. I could get through some battles without popping a spell.

So, yeah. Even though I am still no good at map tactics, unit movements and generally everything you need to kick your enemy’s ass, I still managed to get through them and definitely enjoyed what I saw.