PNY 4 In 1 Lens Kit For Mobile Review

With the likes of social media integrating itself into our lives more and more each day, people who upload their best snaps, of course, need the best quality. The cameras on mobile phones are becoming better and better with each model released, but there is always room for a little more improvement, and that’s where the PNY 4 In 1 Lens Kit comes in.

What’s nice about the PNY 4 In 1 Lens Kit is the fact that it’s pretty universal. The lenses themselves attach to clip, which in turn is placed over the lens of your phone. This way, there is nothing being screwed into the phone itself, and putting on and removing the clip is easily done, so you are ready to take the shot in a moment.

So the kit actually comes with four separate lenses. Funny that. The first is a super-wide angle lens, which aims to put more of your subject into frame. There’s a fisheye lens too, which is really wide. So the focal length of the super-wide lens is placed somewhere in between the fisheye and your regular camera.

The last two is another wide angled lens, and then a macro for those close up shots. What’s nice is that all of the lenses can be placed on a clip for easy changing, and two lenses can be placed on the clip at any one time. You just have to put up with one of the lenses covering your phone screen, which isn’t a huge problem for landscapes, but could pose a slight issue if you’re going to be taking portraits.

The only negative here I can think of is the fact that you get two wide angle lenses. I would have liked to have seen maybe some kind of telephoto lens, which could be used for those photographers that like to zoom.

What’s also great is this could also be used for you selfie enthusiasts out there. Ever stuck a fisheye lens on the front of your camera? Well now you can, and can create some pretty impressive results.

Each lens is built with great quality and care, and does not feel like it would break if accidently dropped, or even pulled a little too much. Although the glass housing of each lens is made from plastic, it still feels very high grade. The PNY 4 in One Lens Kit for Mobile comes in at around £24.99 from popular online retailers. For more information, you can visit the PNY website.

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