Braven Stryde360 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

I’m pretty much of the opinion that music is needed in pretty much every aspect of life. Whether it’s walking down the street, sitting in front of your desk writing reviews, working out at the gym or even doing some extreme sports. The latter could be difficult if it wasn’t for products such as the Braven Stryde 360 Waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

The best thing about this speaker hands down is its IP67 rating which means this speaker is fully waterproof and dustproof making this speaker a perfect travel companion. The speaker itself seems to be well made, with the centre cylinder metallic covering, and the soft touch hard plastic at either end. The buttons – which include a play/pause, volume up/down and power – on top are rubberised, as well as the feet on the opposite side.

There is a snap-close door too protecting the¬†microUSB port for charging, an auxiliary port for wired devices and a USB charging output to charge a phone or MP3 player off of the Stryde’s battery. I’m not sure if I trust these types of doors when fully submerging the speaker, so we didn’t try that feature out. We did however soak it in water, which you can see in our review video above.

On each end you will find two passive bass radiators which work well when the speaker is laid on its legs. If upright, one of them turns into a downfiring subwoofer. It’s great if used on a table, as it feels like it gives somewhat of an extra punch to each bass note, but on grass or sand or somewhere outside, it doesn’t give you the same impact.

Braven state that there is a 12 hour battery life with the Stryde 360, but that can depend on the volume level you use the speaker at, so this number can vary somewhat. Although 12 hours at a moderate volume is great, and it also means there is a chunky battery inside too, so charging your mobile phone off of the speaker shouldn’t take up too much power.

When it comes to performance of sound, the Braven Stryde 360 at moderate volume can hold its own. It isn’t until you start getting to higher volumes that you start running into distortion issues. This is more apparent when sub bass frequencies are used throughout music, such as in some dubstep type music.

But for your pop type music, the speaker worked well. There’s a nice separation in instruments and vocals come through with clarity. Having the passive radiators on the sides really help with this. Having speakers on both sides of the unit when laid down gives everyone the chance of hearing the music clearly.

I liked my time with the Braven Stryde 360, especially the fact that it’s so portable with a massive battery life. The biggest issue is distortion on any type of music. That can’t be avoided unfortunately. There are other speakers like the JBL Charge 3 that handles this better, but for the price of the Stryde, and the fact it can handle nature, makes this a pretty good package. You can find more information on the Braven website.

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