Call of Duty is back but this time it’s gone back to their roots with it being based in WW2. Whilst at EGX 2017 I had the great opportunity to try the multiplayer PS4 PRIVATE BETA which I was very excited about as I used to play competitively on the original 2003 PC Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2 games. To my surprise on a bit of research Call of Duty WW2 is actually the FOURTEENTH Call of Duty game within the series.

I am not one for console gaming, and unless you don’t count a bit of pre-drink FIFA, I haven’t been on a console regularly at all with the last time being over a year ago. Even though I haven’t had that much experience on a console luckily all of the controls are exactly the same as the other Call of Duty games and most FPS games too so I was able to get straight into the game without the awkward stand in the corner and test what every button does dance.

Friendly Disclaimer: As I go on, remember I am only able to comment on the multiplayer version of the one map I played, which I actually only had around 10 minutes to play.

The game play was very smooth, the graphics were great but nothing has changed to give it an edge over the other games within this series and left me feeling pretty disappointed and personally didn’t live up to the hype. If someone just put me in front of this game and told me to play it without any other information I wouldn’t be able to guess that it’s a brand new game and would’ve thought it’s just a WW2 DLC for one of the other Call of Duty clones. It felt to be exactly the same game since Modern Warfare and not much has changed at all. I wish the developers would look past the casual gamer for this series once again to hopefully redeem themselves to the competitive community… but they sell a lot of games so I don’t really think they’ll change just yet.

Even though this game does have the same style, feel, look and map structure of all the other modern Call of Duty games the formula is proving to work very well and is now aimed to the casual gamer. With the release date coming on November 3rd I would consider this gift if you are a casual gamer wanting a brand new Call of Duty including brand new guns, perks and kill streaks. But if you are looking for the next competitive game to take over PUBG and CSGO then this isn’t the game choice for you by any means.