Siroflo LP06 Alarm Clock Review


Spending a lot of money on tech, may not always yield the best results and sometimes, you want just the simple, affordable solution. Well that’s that case with the Siroflo LP06 Alarm Clock, it’s affordable, functional and does the job pretty well. Let’s dig a little deeper.

The Siroflo LP06 is an alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker combo, giving both the option of telling the time and blasting out your favourite tunes. The unit itself is very much a handheld device, it fits nicely in the palm of your hand and is quite light, great for on the go music. To the front of it is the display, it’s a mirrored display with a digital display behind. At first it looks nice, but the mirror can sometimes impair the vision of the clock during the daytime, and also easily attracts finger prints. At the top are the controls, and the buttons include, Bluetooth on/off + play/pause, volume up/down + track forward/back, clock to set the time, mode select, alarms 1 and 2, plus a snooze/dimmer. There is also a microphone hole on top, allowing you to use the speaker as a conference call device. To the rear is the power on/off, aux in, power in (microUSB) and microSD card slot for playback.



The speaker is constructed from plastic, includes that mirrored look to the front, and a black finished across the rest of it. The speakers themselves are side facing (2x5w), so the sound comes from the side, through a black perforated mesh. The buttons are push to use, they are easy to use, although they are close together and trying to hit that tiny snooze button first thing in the morning, will be a struggle.

Features include the dual alarm that I mentioned earlier, plus a three-control dimmer for the display, low, mid or high brightness. Its also battery operated, so you can leave it plugged in over night, which I highly suggest you do, but it will offer 6 hours of battery life, for added flexibility. As well as the aux in and microSD card slot, it also has FM radio access.

Setting up the time, alarms and browsing FM stations took a bit to get used to, but the instructions do help. The display is clear at night, when it’s dark and the ability to dim the display is great if the light emitted from the display is too much. As well as showing the time, the display also shows the audio source, whether the alarm is set or not, and the current temperature within the space.

Sound quality is ok, it’s very much enjoyable to listen to at the lower to mid volumes, but at the higher volumes it doesn’t hit the mark.

Overall, it’s quite a lot of tech for your money. It currently retails at just under £24, for an alarm clock and portable Bluetooth speaker, it’s not bad at all. I would use this more as an alarm clock than a speaker. For more information and to purchase, visit Gear Best.

Guess what, turn the power off and you can use the display as a mirror.



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